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Current version is much improved

The changes are great. It has become a handy tool and I am using and enjoying it more now than ever before. Good upgrades.


The app does what its suppose to, but there is a lot of quirks. It tells me to "connect with 5 people from my school" and then proceeds to show me 5 random people whose profiles do not show they went to my school. It asks me to sync my contacts CONSTANTLY. I almost always have a notification, and when I check them its the same notifications from the last time I was on. Other than that, it does what youd expect it to do.

Fantastic ! Networking n representation at its best

I have been part of linked for several years now. Connections , endorsements n opportunities are great for those looking to network in the professional world. Hope to see more great features for the global playing field . ✌

Awful Launch Experience

Pick one tutorial and use that. I had to tap through FIVE separate tutorials or guides. I am not a new user. Just let me use your app!

Preferred Networking & Information Tool

LinkedIn provides the ultimate in networking and information for professionals in a given industry to communicate developments and business opportunities. It the primary tool I use to touch industry professionals on a daily basis with current events and cutting edge happenings in the gaming industry.

Easy to use

The interface is easy to maneuver. The tutorial is very informative as well.

Ok with issues.

App is slow to sync activity and switching between screens is slow to update notification and activity updates. Current version also constantly logs me out.

I liked

Its excelent to connect with other professionals.


Merci de vérifier votre application. Je narrive plus à me connecter depuis mon iPhone. On me demande de confirmer mon adresse e-mail et quand je le fais on me dit que cette adresse e-mail est déjà utilisé.

Logout sorunu

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Poor user experience and launch annoyances

I would love to be able to just login and see what is happening on linked in. But, this app makes you answer 5mins of annoying questions which I always skip or say no to. Very poor user experience.

Terrible. Keeps making me log in for no reason.

Who from "QA" signed off on this release? Fire that person. Repeatedly makes me log in for no reason. Keeps crashing. Ugh!!!

Re login sans fin

Me demande de faire un login encore et encore a chaque session. Pleins de soucis avec les notif egalement. Cest leffet Microsoft?!

Annoying Start ups

EVERY TIME I log in after being inactive for a short period of time the app requires you to connect with people you may know or skip, And update your contacts, then they want you to follow organizations and see whats new and what you missed. Just let me log in!!!!! Anyway I deleted the headache. Id like to keep the app but Im not doing that every time sorry.


I am a LinkedIn user since the first year LinkedIn started. IMHO the LinkedIn mobile app is completely useless It can not achieve the most basic task: to show a persons full LinkedIn profile! The aggregated info which is shown instead is completely useless It looks like LinkedIn has lost their way - trying to be like Facebook - not sticking to their core value prop I am very irritated that they make it impossible to look at a persons full profile. Showing the same content which is available on their full web site -- how difficult could that be??


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Bad for Articles Viewing and Videos

The user interface is really bad when it comes to view videos (no landscape mode) and viewing articles as you cant go back one page, you have to quit the entire link to get back to LinkedIn and then click in the article again, so theres a lot of improvements to be made.

Navigation and page loading issues

A few items to polish for better experience; Some of the burger menu items dont load. Example; The Pulse fails or just lands on a blank page, no content. Hoping all the updates might include a fix for this soon! + Activity notifications need to clear after theyre seen. Too sticky - have to log onto desktop to clean/clear these sometimes.


Easy to navigate. Helps expand my network. Has helped me stay up to date with friends coworkers & family. Has made my career path much easier.

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