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194 MB! Seriously?

Too many things to improve...


For daily use. this app offers it all quite simply..

220MB for no reason

220MB for no reason, this is not an app game, so why?

209MB, seriously?

The app syncs well, works well, but the size is now ridiculously large for the added value.

I enjoy using this APP

But it is better to stay more professional and not to turn to be another Facebook

Getting better

The app is clearly getting better after the new updates, used to crash and close or to slow down a bit, thats over.

Analyst IT

Very amazing application to meet people and to apply for applications and also to chill your time With some Quizz

Button message

the last update place all contacts obtained as a notifications the message button. this is terrible because it loses the purpose of the button. I understand that the reason is to make a dialogue or networking. still it does not work. a new contact is a notification , not a message. Simple!!!! :)

I cant open it

Since the last updating I cant even open it! Can someone improve it please?! :(

Main app is great

I dont know the other apps


As usual, Lkn gets better and better after every update! This is the best networking tools available nowadays and for sure will remain this way for a long time!

Key user

I love this app

Excellent experience!

Great and complete app with all skills I need to manage my profile and to be updated.

Great App!!!

Very practical and useful app! Love it! No complains. And for job search is great as well!

Excellent networking tool.

I use it to keep in touch with all my business acquaintances.


Just perfect for business relationships and updates.


The app is friendly and easy to use, sharing and searching for new people and network. Congrats to the app developer team!

Must have app for futuristic career growth through networking

Must have app for anyone looking for career growth through networking and connecting amazing people around the world. Professional networking made easy.

Useless since last update

Why do deverlopers never check their latest changes? They call it "improvement" ... but seems things turn out worse. App crashes now everytime. Became useless. What a shame for LinkedIn

Data privacy.....?!?

Linked in has no access to my contacts.... in theory. In reality it tells me that one of my contacts just joined Linked in. That is a no go!

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